Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex Education in the Philippines

Sex Ed
The new school year is now racked by a new issue that the Catholic Church is whining about, after the controversial Reproductive Health Bill that died a natural death in the Senate. Sex education has been integrated into public elementary and high school curriculum. The worry of the Church is that such move could spawn promiscuity among the next generation, thus, moral standards are in danger of further decline.
Little learning is a dangerous thing, and what sex education is aiming to teach younger people is about the reproductive capacity of adolescents. There is a rise in the number of premarital sex incidences in the country, resulting to early marriages or unwanted pregnancies, and worse, abortion. Orienting youngsters about human reproduction or in short, sex is supposed to remedy this. Equipping the youth with knowledge about sex is perceived by the Department of Health and the Department of Education an efficient way to avoid these problems.
The Catholic Church however is against sex education, since it could disturb the innocence of young minds. They also see this means to teach the youth sexual promiscuity in the future. But is it so? When I was in 5th grade we had sex education. We were never bothered about the facts and it never became our topic. Our minds are too occupied with childish things that we never discussed or even tried sexual acts. What we learned about is the changes that are occurring in our body and its effects on us as pre-pubescents. The fact is, we don’t understand much about human reproduction since the details are not given to us.
The church could have overlooked the real culprit for the alleged generation of sexual perverts – the mass media. Violence and sex are prevalent on many T.V. shows and movies and these are all absorbed by the youth and children as well. All of these have the capacity to change the moral perception of the youth’s developing minds, bringing them to confusion on what is right or wrong.
Another thing is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children about sex. Parents should be the first to discuss this topic to their children. The school’s responsibility is to remind the youth about moral values and discourage premarital sex among them.
There is nothing wrong about sex education in elementary and high school, as long as the approach is wholesome and suitable for their age.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Longing for Change, Unwilling to Change

Longing for Change, Unwilling to Change

Change - must be the most common tagline of political candidates in the recent elections. All of them promise this, but the question is change in what? Is it change in the government system? Change in the constitution? Change in the current economic situation? Slinging mud to the incumbent administration seems to be the most effective way to win the hearts of the masses. Some people just don’t care if whether what they believe is true, all they want is to have someone to blame for all their grievances. Claiming that you belong to the opposition is a sure way to garner the “unthinking” mass’ votes.

And the outcome of the recent elections is another proof that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Filipinos never learned. They all fell for the notion that the most popular and famous wins. Take a look at the senatorial slate. Those are the guys who we have seen on TV. Those with good platforms and intentions never get the chance to be heard, all because they are unpopular and lack finances. And then Filipinos fell for another blundering culprit-fanaticism. They all fell for those affluent candidates who they believe can save this declining nation from further corruption and poverty all because he is the son of “heroic” icons. They never considered what he has done as a legislator, which almost amount to nothing and his conceited and bloated character which most Filipinos mistake for “fighting spirit”.

The automated election was expected to have good if not excellent results, but in the end it all depends on the voters. There was a voter who once said she voted for those candidates because they paid for her vote, not thinking that this indicates corruption in the future. Most voters are not reasonable, and they seem to take the elections as a joke. The disqualified presidential candidate Betellano Acosta even got more votes than Madrigal, Perlas or De Los Reyes. If electing leaders mean they had to be rich, famous and come from political dynasty, why the heck did we have a democratic government? We should have a monarchial type of government if this kind of misconception persists.

The problem with Filipinos is we often tolerate our foolish sentiments and try things that we know are splendidly stupid. We tend to reject intellectuals, and let ourselves be influenced by fame, religion and the mass media. Why can’t we think for ourselves? Why did we let the surveys dictate who won the elections?

We really can’t blame other nations if they laugh and scorn at us. It is all our fault because we long for change, but we do nothing to change. Start from waiting for your turn in line, don’t cut the queue. Don’t cheat on your exams. Pay your taxes. There are simple things you can do for the country to change. All you have to do is to do something…

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Can't Cry Hard Enough

This happened about two years ago. I lost my wallet in Lucena City, and all I got left in my pocket is 150 pesos. I was to going back to Marinduque for a little break from my entangled engagement and I was travelling along with a big duffel bag. I was so stupid to tuck my wallet in my jacket and after a few minutes when I rode a jeepney, I noticed my wallet is missing and my life got so screwed up that day. I almost broke down crying and ran after the last jeepney I rode. I don't know how much I had in my wallet, but that was intended to be my fare and my shopping money. Then there was a guy who said he'll buy my watch so I can go home. I just thought, "FUCK OFF!" I hailed a trike to go after that goddamn jeepney but to no avail. I lost it. The driver saw me teary eyed and asked me what's wrong. I told him about it, and he said he'll bring me to a radio station so I'll announce my missing wallet. He didn't charge me anything, and that was so nice of him. Yeap, I entered the radio station and they accommodated me. Then, after that, I didn't got my wallet back. But I was able to go home because Mom and Dad sent me money. Their friends there in Lucena City let me sleep in their house for the night and so I'll travel again the next day.
What really breaks my heart is that whoever found it did not even bother to return my wallet. I got an ID there for crying out loud!!! As the song goes, honesty such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue, honestly is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you... I really don't care about the money (just slightly,) i just want to have my wallet back. But whoever got it, I wish you luck because if I ever find out who you are which is next to impossible you're gonna pay back. Oww... fuckers. when it really concerns money, people just lose their integrity and honesty. Man that would bother me too much thinking of the owner of something I just picked up and the owner badly needs it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Ewan ba kung saang lupalop ng mundo nanggaling ang salitang ito. Sa unang pakinig, para lang itong ordinaryong salitang bakla o salitang kalye na hindi mo maapuhap ang kahulugan. Pero sa mga nakakaalam, ito ay tumutukoy sa seks. Una ko itong narinig sa kaibigan kong nag aaral sa Lucena. Hindi ko alam na laganap na pala ang gamit sa terminong ito hanggang sa nakapanood ako kagabi ng isang dokumentaryo ni Jessica Soho.
Ang “jerjer” noon ay iba sa “jerjer” ngayon. Wari bang nadala na rin ng agos ng teknolohiya pati ang ating mga pagpapahalaga at moral. Pati pala mga kabataang edad trese ay nakakaranas na nito. Siguro ay talagang pababa ang edad ng mga sumusubok sa hindi nararapat subukan ng mga kabataan. Pero aminado ako na isa ako sa mga nagkamali. Pero hindi sa ganung edad. Napakamusmos ng trese anyos kung tutuusin. Nung ako’y trese anyos, wala akong katipan, nasa bahay at eskwela lamang. Computer ang aking libangan, pati pagguhit at pagsulat ng mga kanta. Ni hindi napasok sa isip ko ang jerjer. Siguro medyo naintriga din ako pero hindi ko inalam ang “fundamentals of sex” noon. Busy ako sa barkada, sports, sining, at sa YFC. Hindi pa ako naaakit sa mga lalake noon. Trese anyos ako noon at ineenjoy ang aking kabataan sa akmang mga pagkakaabalahan. Parang pitong taon lang ang nakalipas at eto. Nalaman ko ang istorya ng mga kabataang wala pa sa tamang kaisipan na aktibo na sa seks sa edad na trese. Talagang nakakagulat at nakakagimbal iyon para sa akin.
Dise siete ako nung una akong nagkaroon ng kasintahan. Gusto ko siya, at hindi ko alam kung bakit. Guwapo siya, matangkad at matipuno ang katawan. “Papable” talaga. Hindi ko siya sinagot noong una siyang nanligaw pero nangulit pa rin siya at pinagbigyan ko na rin. Masaya ako noon, kasi gusto ko siya at siya pa ang lumapit sa akin. Wala akong ka effort effort noon at pakipot pa nga ako. Sa una, talagang ayaw kong ilantad an gaming relasyon at nakuntento na lang ako sa aming pagtitinginan sa labas at pag tetext text. Minsan, nag uusap kami ng harapan pero madali lang iyon kasi natatakot akong may magsusumbong at malaman ito ng aking magulang. Hindi naman sa bawal akong mag boyfriend. Pero baka tumutol sila kasi sampung taon ang agwat ng aming edad. Ewan ko ba, pero bata pa kasi ako noon. At noong unang pagkakataong napag usapan naming magkita ng kami lang na dalawa ay talagang nakakapangilabot pa rin para sa akin hanggang ngayon. Muntik na kaming mag jerjer pero natauhan ako kasi alam kong mali ito. Sadya palang mahirap kapag walag tsaperon sa date at eksakto pang nag brown out. Ampucha naman oh. Hindi ko na kailangang idetalye pa ang nangyari, pero para sa akin sobra ang nangyari sa aking inaasahan. Ang simpleng paghahalikan pala ay maaring mauwi sa bagay na hindi kanais nais. Nang lumampas sya sa inaasahan, ay pumalag ako at nagyaya na akong umuwi. Pero sa loob ko ay ako’y nagagalit sa nangyari. Hindi naman nya ako nakuha noon, pero pakiramdam ko ay nabastos ang aking pagkatao. Nag iba din ang pagtingin ko sa kanya. Nasuklam ako sa kanya at hindi ko muna ito pinahalata. Saka ko siya tinalakan noong nakauwi na kami pareho. Pinagmumura ko siya sa text. Todo sorry naman siya at pinaliwanag na nabigla lang siya. Pero galit talaga ako. Gusto ko syang hambalusin ng dos por dos. Nang gabi ring iyong, inaabangan nya ako sa labas ng bahay ng aking lolo. Para siyang aanga anga doon. Nagkataong lumabas ako at bigla na lang nasa harapan ko na siya at hinawakan ako at ang mukha niya ay mukhang hihingi ng tawad pero tinapig ko siya at inirapan. Ang saya saya namin kanina kasi nagrerepack kami ng fruit salad sa ref para sa kasal ng aking pinsan. Nagbibiruan pa kami kasama ang mga pinsan ko. Pero pagkalipas lang ng ilang oras ay suklam na suklam na ako sa kanya. Ayaw na ayaw ko na siyang makita. Kahit anong pagsuyo ang gawin niya ay hindi ako natinag at sa mga sumunod na araw ay hindi ko siya pinansin.
Maraming nangyari pagkatapos noon, at kami din ang nagkatuluyan. Ewan ba, pero natutunan din naming mahalin ng totoo ang isa’t isa. Kakaiba din ang aming pinagdaanan, at napakamakulay nito. Tatlong taon na kami. Kulang na lang sa amin ay kasal.
EH ANO NGAYON? Hindi mo pa rin nakuha, kabataang mapusok? Ang sekso ay hindi para sa mag kasintahan. Marahil ay talagang malakas ang tawag ng laman lalo na sa ating mga kabataan, pero kailangan nating paglabanan ito. Ang sekso na wala sa panahon, kailanma’y walang naidulot na maganda. Hindi ito sobrang sarap na kagaya ng inaakala ng madaming wala pang karanasan dito. Madami akong kakilala at isa na ako dun, na nagsisisi paminsan minsan sa pagkakamaling ito. Ang sekso ay kaigaya igayang mansanas sa mata nating mga kabataan. Pero pag atin itong kinain, hindi tayo matutunawan at kakabaging tunay. Tanging ang may sapat na edad lamang at mga lehitimong magkabiyak ang makakalasap ng tunay na tamis na hatid nito dahil sila ang may sapat na panunaw. Pakaisipin ito, ako ay isang masayang kabataang nag aaral at nakakapunta kung saan saan nang walang balakid at konti ang responsibilidad. Lahat ay aking nagagawa, sunod sa layaw ng aking mga magulang at malayang gumawa ng mga nais kong gawin. Ngayon, ako ay isang magulang na limitado ang kilos, at may nakakabit na matinding responsibilidad-ang pagiging mabuting magulang sa aking anak at isang mabuting anak sa aking mga magulang na pinatawad ako. Napakabigat nito para sa akin. Nasikil ang aking kalayaan, at ang oras ko ay nakalaan sa pag aalaga ng aking anak na dapat sana’y nakalaan sa aking sarili kung ako’y isang dalaga pa rin. Iniisip ko na lang, na lagi naman akong napapangiti ng aking anak. At binigyan din niya ng direksyon ang aking buhay. Hindi naman ako pinabayaan ng kanyang ama, at pinanagutan niya ako. Sa ngayon kailangan lang naming ayusin ang kanya kanya naming buhay, bago kami maging mag asawang ganap. Mahal naming ang isa’t isa, lalo na’t may anak kami na naging inspirasyon namin para magsikap. Consolation prize.
Pero hindi lahat ng dumapo sa kable ng kuryente ay nakakaligtas. Mas marami ang nauwi sa trahedya, dahil sa pagtikim ng jerjer na wala sa panahon. Ang ilan ay naging gaya ko, may ilan na hindi na nakapag aral muli, at may ilan na lumubog sa lusak at napasubo sa napakaagang pag aasawa. Lalo na kung pareho kayong napakabata at walang alam sa buhay. Sa halip na ball pen, tsupon ang tangan ni nene. Sa halip na basketball court, kailangang kumayod ni totoy para may maipambili ng gatas. Ang iba, hindi magkasundo kasi mura pa ang isipan at hindi pa handang mag asawa. Kadalasan ay nauuwi ito sa hiwalayan o pananakit ng asawa. Mas nakakahigit ang mga nasisira ang buhay dahil sa “jerjer” na wala sa panahon. Nandyan pa ang nawalan ka ng respeto sa iyong sarili, o sa iyong boy friend o girl friend. “Kung mahal mo ako, eh pagbigyan mo ako,” malamang ay ang pinakagasgas na linya ng mga totoy na atat na atat sa jerjer. Ang pagmamahal ay hindi nasusukat sa sekso. Kailanman ay hindi ito tamang pagbasehan ng pagmamahal. Ang pagmamahal ay isang busilak na damdamin, na iyong nadama hindi dahil naaakit ka sa panlabas na kaanyuan kundi dahil sa nilalaman ng kanyang kalooban. Hindi ito mapipigilan, malayo man ang inyong agwat. Matatanggap mo rin lahat ng kanyang kapintasan. Tapat ang tunay na pag ibig at ito ay nagpapahiwatig ng pagmamahal sa salita at gawa. Marangal ang hangarin nito. Layunin nitong pasayahin at bigyan ng inspirasyon ang minamahal. Ito ang naguudyok sa isang tao upang gumawa ng ibayong kabutihan at ipalaganap ang kaligayahang bumubukal mula sa kanyang puso. Inilalapit ka nito sa Diyos at lalo ka pang nagiging mapagpasalamat sa kanya.
Ang pagmamahal ay kahit hindi masarap ang iyong luto ay tuloy pa rin sya sa pagkain at ngingiti pa at tuturuan ka kung paano mapapasarap ang luto mo sa sunod. Ang pagmamahal ay tanggap ka kung ano ka man noon, kahit pa hindi ka masyadong pumostura at masasabi pa rin niyang “I love you” kahit hindi ka pa nagmumumog at nagsusuklay. Magkalayo man kayo, kahit may umeksenang iba ay siya pa rin ang iyong nililiyag dahil wala siyang katulad. Ang pagmamahal ay iyong naghihintay sa’yo kahit gaano ka pa katagal, at nauunawaan ka kung bakit matagal ka. Ang pagmamahal ay nagpupuyat sa tabi mo pag nasa hospital ka, at handang gawin ang lahat ng bagay na sabihin mo, kahit magpakamot ka pa ng puwet. Maglalakad pa siya ng malayo pag may gusto kang kainin na wala sa canteen ng ospital. Ang pagmamahal ay handang sabihin sa’yo ang iyong pagkakamali kahit masakit ito sa damdamin mo na ang hangad nya ay baguhin mo ang masama mong ugali. Ang pagmamahal ay marunong humingi ng paumanhin pag nagkamali at nakasakit ng damdamin. Sa oras ng problema, ang pagmamahal ay kalmado lang at kahit ikaw ang problema ay hindi ka susumbatan o sisisihin, bagkus ito ay pagtutulungan ninyong lutasin sa abot ng inyong makakaya. Ang pagmamahal ay nagtitiis kahit ang ulam nyo lang ay hawot. Nagagawa nyo pang ipaghimay ang isa’t isa. Ang pagmamahal ay nagagawang paglabahin, paghugasin ng pinggan, at paglinisin ng bahay ng kusa ang isang prinsesa. Ang pagmamahal ay nagagawang paamuin ang leong bayolente, at gawing syang animo’y tupa. Ang tunay na pagmamahal ay nakakapagbago ng tao sa ikabubuti niya, at nagiging mas mabuti siyang tao dahil mahal mo siya, at ikaw rin naman ay lumalambot ang puso. And love manifests itself in adversity, not in ecstasy. (mahirap tagalugin yun ah). Ay ganito pala, ang pag ibig ay lalong lumilitaw sa panahon ng kahirapan, hindi sa kaligayahan. At higit sa lahat, ito ay tamang ligaya lamang. Hindi kulang at hindi rin sobra.
Kung inaakala ng marami dyan na ang sekso ay makakapagpatibay sa kanilang relasyon bilang magkasintahan, marami nang nakapagpatunay na ito ay isang malaking kalokohan. Sa halip, rumurupok ang musmos na pag ibig kapag ang makalamang pagnanasa ay sinunod. Maaring makaramdam, lalo na sa parte ng babae, ng panlulumo at galit sa sarili. Pagkatapos ng una mong karanasan sa pagtatalik, na masakit talaga, pati ang iyong damdamin ay para ring nasugatan. Pakiramdam mo ay ginamit ka lang at iyon lang ang gusto sa yo ng iyong katipan. Makakaramdam ka ng matinding pagsisisi at pandidiri sa iyong sarili. Nadama ko lahat ng ito noong gabing iyon. Kahit hindi niya naisakatuparan ang kanyang kabulastugan, masama pa rin ang loob ko dahil nag take advantage siya. Iyak ako nang iyak noong hating gabi na at to the max ko siyang sinumbatan sa text kahit isang bahay lang ang pagitan namin(wala naman talagang nangyaring x-rated pero todo emote ako nun bago ako nakatulog.)Sa parteng lalaki naman, ewan ko kung minsan ay nakakadama sila kahit konting panhihilakbot sa kanilang ginawa. Karamihan kasi sa kanila ay ipinagmamalaki na “nabutas” nila si ganun at parang ito ang magpapatunay na tunay silang lalake.
Ang talagang nakakapagpalagkit ng pagmamahalan ng magsing irog ay ang matinong pagsusuyuan. ito ay sa piling ng inyong mga kaibigan o kamag anak. Kapag kasama ninyo ang maraming tao, doon niyo lalong makikilala ang isa’t isa. Kadalasan kasi, kung paano tratuhin ng isang tao ang kanyang pamilya o kaibigan, malamang na ganito din ang magiging trato niya sa iyo kapag mag asawa na kayo. Iyon ang aking pagkakamali. Hindi ko kasi siya pinayagang umakyat ng ligaw sa bahay at kausapin ang aking mga magulang kahit iyon ang gusto nyang gawin noong nanliligaw pa lang siya. Marahil ay ayaw ko lang maintriga sa aming lugar at ayaw ko ring usisain siya ng aking mga magulang kasi masyado silang mahigpit at pihikan. Natatakot akong tumutol sila sa aming pagtitinginan. Napakahalaga nang superbisyon ng magulang pagdating sa mga bagay na ito. Kaya payo ko lang, maging matapat sa kanila at magtiwala sa kanilang mga payo. Mas higit ang kanilang kaalaman at karanasan sa pagliligawan kaya hindi tayo dapat mangilag at matakot kumonsulta sa kanila.
Bente anyos na ako ngayon. At sa mga kabataang dadaan pa lamang sa pinagdaanan ko, masasabi ko lang ay… kaiingat kayo (ika nga ni Del Pilar). Madami pa kayong dapat lampasan at pagdaanan. Ako rin naman ay hindi pa tapos sa aking takbuhin, pero bilang thunder na, ang mga ito lang ang mapapayo ko. Pumapasok kayo sa eskwela para mag aral at hindi para makipag date. Makipag date kayo pag nakatapos na kayo at may trabaho na. ayos yun mga tol kasi walang hassle. Kung maibabalik ko lang sana ang buhay ko, ganito ang gusto kong gawin. Kaya habang nasa inyo pa ang inyong panahon, gamitin niyo ng tama. At ang jerjer ay itama natin sa ating pananaw.


Paddles up!

It’s my grandfather’s wake so my relatives came home to Marinduque. I anticipate these kind of moments because I love bonding with my cousins. We’re going to have a lot of fun, and we did, although we still mourn about grand pa’s death.
And I got to do my firsts this time. It is my first time to play BINGO and I won twice. I only played three rounds. Just got lucky. And this afternoon was my first time to ride a boat and paddle it. The first time I rode a boat was when I was about four years old. I was with my beloved grandma and I was scared because the water is so deep as I look at the crystal blue sea. I love the sea, although it could get scary sometimes. And I’m not a good swimmer, I admit although I love going to the beach and get wild and wet. And now, I am riding a boat for real. I was with my cousin Romeo, and we should paddle about 300 meters across to Banga Banga. I was all clumsy at first, not knowing how to paddle and when to paddle. We got intertwined with other boats anchored nearby. The current is pulling us to the river. Damn, my muscles ached much from fighting the current. We got stuck in the wrong direction for ten minutes because a strong current is dragging us. Me and Romeo are laughing so much because we bumped into another boat and we almost hit a big rock. Plus, we had to drain the water that enters the boat. Although it is exhausting, I had the time of my life. Too bad I left my cellphone so I wasn’t able to take a picture.
Glen and Romalyn are already waiting for us in the shores. Finally, we reached them and they rode. Too bad I wasn’t able to paddle back, because the couple took charge. I was surprised too see Yhunice waiting for me at the beach and she is clapping her hands. I called out her name and she cried upon seeing me landing on the beach. I almost stumbled because of the waves. Maybe next time I would bring her along. The sand on my flip flops is the best souvenir of that one fine afternoon I went a-paddling… I love it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009




Well, then again, I would like to help those in dilemma out there, who wants a mobile broadband subscription. I myself have faced the same situation, and though I made the wrong decision, I would like to shed some light to those who are still in the dark. I have not considered the third competitor which is Sun Broadband, because, heck… it’s only applicable to Metro Manila. They also claim they have the widest signal “Metro wide”. I won’t argue with that anymore. Whether or not we like boxing, these two competitors also have their own sort of a tale of the tape.

That is how I may rate those two network providers. You cannot judge that I am biased for I am a loyal Smart subscriber ever since I had a cell phone. I am also a Globe subscriber since I have 2 cell phones. I prefer Smart’s service when it comes to communication, since almost all my contacts, especially family members are Smart Subscribers. And that is why I chose Smart bro over the tried and tested Globe Tattoo. My sister uses GT that’s why I am aware of its capability, and I can tell that GT is fast. But still I purchased SmartBro, which is such a waste of money. It’s like I subscribed to an obsolete dial up system. You cannot even play FarmVille. I had to go outside with my notebook and look for that place on earth where you could get a fair signal. The signal is fair, but what you paid for is not sated. The SmartBro kit comes with free 100 peso load, and now I’ve used that up-for only 1 hour and some minutes of surfing. Most of the time was spent on page loading. And they say that they are 9 times out of 10 faster than the other broadband which is GT. I would agree if they say they are 9 times out of 10 slower. And then, GT’s preloaded with 300 pesos worth of balance and that is much more generous and satisfying. So guys, let’s be careful on where we invest our money. If I were you, if Globe signal is fairly strong in your place, go for Globe Tattoo. And even if Smart’s signal is strong, don’t take that as a reason to go for SmartBro. Both networks have the same signal in my house, and even if Smart gained full reception, the connection to the internet is terrible. Even the Wi-Fi access in school can compete with my SmartBro’s performance, and I say SB is outpaced.
It is good that Globe bothered to list down those places with HSDPA access. (you can find that in their website). Here in Boac (school place) it runs on WPDMA, which is impressively fast. Trying Smart Bro here still gives disappointing results, and such a waste of time. The Wi-Fi access here in school is much more faster and reliable. You can’t even open the FarmVille page using SmartBro modem.
So far, I read some blogs concerning this issue, some say they are satisfied with SmartBro. So I reckon it really depends on your location. They (those bloggers pro-SB) live however, in key cities. But how about those like me who lives in the province? We also need reliable internet access. And yet we are not accounted for what we pay for. But then again I’ll just wait for that time when there is something much faster than HSDPA or DSL… sigh… how many years would that take…


Monday, November 23, 2009

the battle of the broadbands

the fastest broadband

the battle of the wireless networks is on. ever since the advent of the world wide web, which Tim Berner-Lee of CERN pioneered, the whole world has been looking forward to the next innovations. and that is broadband.
when i was in high school, me and my barkada are patrons of the "fastest internet connection in Boac". but that kind of internet speed would be an insult nowadays. dial ups are so stone age. then came the DSL, and according to the commercials, it is seven times faster than dial up. it's alright though, you just had to wait for about 30 seconds before the homepage shows up. sigh...
when i reached college, PLDT introduced Broadband. and it claims it is seven times faster than DSL. (hmm...what's with the seven times faster...) DSL is already satisfying for me, so what more can Broadband offer?
mobile broadband modems came along. the price started from 2,999. then it became 1,999 until it reached the all time low 999. there are also different offers, such as unlimited connections for some monthly fees. but still i'm content in surfing at internet shops.
my father fortunately bought me my own notebook. so i was thinking then what broadband i should subscribe to. i've tried globe tattoo, because that's what my sister uses. it's alright to use, and it is fast. the charge is also per minute. so, i think this is what i should buy. i read blogs about the two rival networks, smart and globe's broadband. so my first choice was globe tattoo. i've already tested it and it is user friendly. but then i settled for smart bro anyway. and that i regret.
why? first let me explain why i chose smart. i was thinking about the wide network. that means i can access anywhere. we also have a fair reception of Smart at home. and, the turning point of my decision-is Globe's eerie reception. there is no signal at all in my place. but, one week before i got my notebook, Globe's signal at home was just fine and steady, unlike Smart's. Now you see it, now you don't. Up to now, Globe has no signal here in Balanacan. they have a cell site here and they have no signal. what a drag!
when i first tried my SmartBro, i got really disappointed because the reception is too weak for an internet connection. i tried it at school and it was fine. i was able to watch videos in YouTube with little interruptions. but still that is no consolation to the disappointment i feel. the wi fi access in school is much faster if you ask me. then i tried it again at home, but this time it is in my grand father's house. the Reception there is much stronger in our house since it is near Smart's cell site. i was about to harvest my in FarmVille, but to my annoyance, i can't open y FarmVille account, and my facebook chat takes to long to send just a short message. it took me all in all 30 minutes trying to open up my Farm Ville, and I ended up asking my sister to do the harvesting for me.grrr.. so i have no choice but reveal my password to her.
now, where is that 9 times out of 10 times faster that SmartBro is talking about? i can compare their service to snail mail. i would like to sell my SmartBro, but who would want to buy this worthless piece of junk anyway!